Clariant rebranding

Mutabor Design

Clarity is the brand code, the basis of visual »brand appearance«.
Ways of expressing this include a reduced color world, a visual language with a clear focus and a generous layout with plenty of whitespace.

The brand Clariant was changed by several teams of Mutabor; new
Logo, new look, new direction. The new Clariant was launched
with a great event in a small town in the middle of the alps – a huge,
beautiful art nouveau hall and as contrast a clean and pure, white room including a big, interactive mediawall, a cosy lounge area, counters for talks and drinks and five stations, showing the new identity in a playfull way, were surprising the participants.

black | brand space
showroom/event Flims: time 02:20min
CD: Axel Domke
3D AD: Tillmann Beuscher, Tobias Huber,
3D Design: Jenny Heimann, Johanna Becker
Design: Sarah Goßner
producer intern: Stefanie Thomasek
producer extern: Schüttenberg

white | 2D
CD: Sven Ritterhof, Heinrich Paravicini
AD: Steffen Granz
Design: Dominik Lahnenke, Somi Jung, Tatjana Adomat, Sebastian Kühnel, etc.
producer intern: Thorsten Keller, Tina Paschke

silver | moving images
CD: Alex Hanowski
Animation: Myrna Kinnmann, Antje Adamovsky, sehsucht
Inteactive: Wir machen bunt